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Advertise to doctors

BMJ is an integral part of the medical community and has unmatched reach within its field.

The BMJ alone has a weekly readership of more than 120,000 doctors in the UK and many more overseas. Our online services reach a global audience of over 1.5 million unique users.


  • Sponsor BMJ Learning modules or OnExamination courses - Contact Simon Walker
  • Sponsor a BMJ Masterclass or the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare - Contact Laura Stanley.

Sponsorship of conferences and other events

We organise a wide range of national and international conferences including:

International Forum on Quality and Safety in Health Care – the premier learning and networking environment for over 1,300 health care professionals from over 70 countries worldwide. Many key decision makers attend the Forum including CEOs, Medical Directors, Nursing Directors, Hospital Managers, Clinicians and other health care leaders

BMJ Careers Fair - the largest medical recruitment fair across the UK and Ireland

BMJ Masterclasses - which includes pre-, at- and post-event marketing opportunities

The BMJ Awards - The annual The BMJ Awards recognises excellence in healthcare. Dubbed as the 'medical Oscars', the ceremony dinner attracts brings together clinicians, senior civil servants and government ministers, CEOs, financial directors, policy makers, senior representatives from the BMA, the Royal Colleges, and the world’s major research foundations.

Sponsorship of BMJ Learning 

BMJ Learning modules

There are 25,000 UK GPs, 14,896 UK hospital doctors and 177 UK respiratory medicine specialists signed up to BMJ Learning.

Existing modules

Sponsors can support existing modules at the following costs:

1 month - £2,000

2 months - £3,250

3 months - £4,500

6 months - £8,000

12 months: £15,000

New modules

Sponsors can also suggest a topic for a new module in an area of practice not already covered, using a topic outline from the client to aid discussion.

The BMJ Publishing Group Ltd will maintain full editorial control of the content and will appoint the author. The module is then peer-reviewed prior to publication. The client may see the content prior to publication but not for veto or alteration. All content of BMJ Learning is evidence based and takes into account the latest relevant guidelines.

The client is offered the opportunity for exclusive sponsorship of the published module. This should be for a minimum of six months at a cost of £8,000 + VAT. Sponsorship for the full twelve months would be £15,000 plus VAT.

Sponsorship consists of a high profile banner on the opening/closing page of the module.

During sponsorship a monthly report is produced which tracks the number of doctors working on the module and the number of doctors who subsequently click on the client banner for supporting information. The banner may link through to a client portal, further educational material, an online KOL presentation etc. If the banner relates specifically to the brand, the PI must be no more than one click away.

BMJ Learning Editor’s weekly email alert

Currently 21,500 UK GPs opt-in to receive the editor’s weekly email alert. The content updates users with the latest modules to publish; recommends an online course as part of the BMJ Learning content and promotes other BMJ Group activities e.g. BMJ Masterclasses.

Sponsors have the opportunity to place a text based message at the top of the banner. This is a high profile method of reaching a large percentage of the UK GP population within a trusted educational environment.

The message could link to further educational material or could be used to help create an online learning community based around the topic of psychiatric disorders.

The cost to support one email is £1,500 or £4,500 to support a month (4 emails).

Other Sponsorship opportunities

  • Sponsorship of specific journal special issues and supplements including BMJ and all BMJ Journals

  • BMJ Satellites and BMJ Spotlight

Contact  Jim Cunningham  

Advertising and Sponsorship contacts

To receive a copy of our Media pack email or Tel: +44 (0)20 7383 6783

Our advertising sales teams would be pleased to help you with your enquiries. Contact one of our sales teams who can help you meet your targets.

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Reprint sales

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