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Rights & Licensing

BMJ follows the STM Permissions Guidelines as part of our efforts to ensure  that any re-use of limited amounts of content from our journals is fair and the original source of the material fully attributed. It should be emphasized that these are just guidelines.

Requesting permission to reuse content fromThe BMJ and BMJ Journals


We offer the Copyright Clearance Centre's Rightslink licensing solution for ALL reuse permissions.

The Rightslink service is quick and easy to use.  You will be able to get a quick price and instant permission to reuse BMJ content in many different ways.  Please see our user guide or follow these instructions:

1.  Go to our Journals site and locate the content you wish to reuse

2.  Click on "Request Permissions" within the table of contents or in the Services section of the article to get to the Rightslink Permission webpage

3. Follow the instructions in the pop up window

For additional information see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact customer care

Tel: (+1) 877 622 5543 (toll free) or (+1)  978 777 9929


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If you hold a licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) or an equivalent Reproduction Rights Organisation (RRO), you may not need to contact us to request permission for a wide range of uses. Depending on the licence you hold, these may include copying for internal meetings, use in presentations (but not for sales or marketing purposes), emailing to colleagues, and many educational uses. Please refer to your licence for detailed terms.

For more information please contact CLACCC or your local RRO.

Reprints of original articles from The BMJ, Journals and evidence-based journals, are a cost-effective and authoritative way of providing information on advances in medicine and new therapeutic areas. If you wish to purchase multiple stand-alone copies of a BMJ paper.

World and UK: Please contact Nadia Gurney-Randall

USA: Please contact Marsha Fogler

What do you get when you licence Journals content?

We have gained our reputation through over 150 years of commitment to the highest standards.  We work in the long term interests of health care and this will always take priority over short term gain. We recognise that licensing agreements are important to our success.   Everything we do is designed to help move medical knowledge forward.  We are constantly looking for new and better ways to make our information more useful and effective to medical professionals worldwide.

We welcome proposals for new local edition projects in print or online, in translation and English language in all territories.

We are interested in hearing new ideas and ways to present our products and content in different markets.


Case studies: what we are currently doing and what we look for

We currently licence the following content internationally:

  • Print editions
  • Online editions
  • Customised editions – including specially selected articles, commentaries by local opinion leaders, CME questions
  • English language
  • Translation
  • BMJ News articles
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Guidelines

We are interested in licensing content for:

  • Hybrid projects
  • New technology projects