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Working for BMJ

A wholly owned subsidiary of the BMA, BMJ combines a proud heritage with a cutting edge approach to providing healthcare knowledge.

Welcome to BMJ, the world leading healthcare knowledge provider. Established in 1840, we have over 470 staff based in locations around the world. We are proud of our heritage but also believe in looking forward.

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The BMJ is our flagship journal. Our vision is for the BMJ to be the world’s most influential and widely read medical journal. Our mission for the BMJ is to lead the debate on health, and to engage, inform, and stimulate doctors, researchers and other health professionals in ways that will improve outcomes for patients. All our content is published first on, which is accessed by 1.3 million unique users internationally per month. The website now carries a range of web 2.0 interactive features and rich media (video and audio). The BMJ's peer reviewed research is open access online.

The print BMJ has been published continuously since 1840, and now appears in four weekly editions, varying only in their advertising content. Together, their circulation totals about 122 000 copies, of which 10 000 are distributed outside Britain. In addition, international editions reach another 55 000 readers. The student BMJ is an online and (monthly) print magazine widely read by students in the UK and internationally.

The BMJ Editorial team carries a wide range of skills: medically and non-medically qualified editors, journalists, web editors, technical and production editors, editorial assistants, and administrative support staff. We also have a range of training opportunities for doctors, medical students, and journalists.

Not including The BMJ, there are over 50 specialty journals from BMJ. Many of our journals are amongst the leaders in their field and are edited by some of the world's most influential and prestigious specialists. We also have the unique model of co-owning some of our journals with other medical societies. In recent years we have launched and/or acquired a number of new titles. The team is always alert to new opportunities. With plans for future growth and investment, the coming years will be an exciting time to join our Journals divisions with a variety of business development, editorial or production roles.

The Clinical Improvement Divsion improves the quality of health care by helping doctors and patients give and receive treatment based on the best available evidence. Over the last 3 years, the team have developed the BMJ product range from BMJ Clinical Evidence, the international source of the best available evidence for effective health care; Best Health, which produces a regularly updated website and leaflets for patients; BMJ Best Practice, a collection of information that can be easily accessed by doctors at the point of care, and BMJ Updates, our evidence-based email system that alerts subscribers to new evidence in their specialist area. We have also developed our capabilities to offer services including evidence reports, clinical data interpretation, evidence based disease management tools and evidence surveillance to third parties. In short, we now deliver evidence on demand, and produce products that get evidence into practice. With such a varied remit, we can offer a huge range of stimulating roles – from clinical editors and editorial staff to business development specialists.

The Learning and Quality division at BMJ comprises BMJ Learning, BMJ Quality, BMJ Masterclasses, and OnExamination each of which is the UK market leaders in their respective fields, and the International Forum in Quality and Safety in Health Care, the largest healthcare quality event outside of the USA. The division employs a growing range of clinical editors, editorial and event experts and business development specialists who together enable us to offer outstanding clinical education services in a highly competitive environment.

BMJ Learning was launched in 2003 to support the introduction of appraisals and objectives in the NHS for GPs, and now offers over 400 interactive learning modules covering both clinical and generic skills for primary care, secondary care and post-graduate training. BMJ Learning has over 100,000 registered users in the UK and 50,000+ international users.

BMJ Masterclasses take the form of informal lectures with questions and answer sessions that have been hugely popular – especially with GPs. 20% of all UK GPs have been to a BMJ Masterclass, and in 2008 we expect to attract 6,500 delegates.

With the recent acquisition of On Examination – our online exam revision service for medics – and plans to launch of a broadband video-on-demand service and a range of tools to support revalidation, these are exciting times for BMJ Learning and a great time to join the team.

BMJ Careers is our recruitment advertising division and is the pre-eminent print and online careers resource for doctors in the UK. It comprises a job listing service, a website, national and regional Careers Fairs and an editorial section of profiles, information and articles. We are continually working with doctors and recruiters to develop our offering and better support their recruitment and career choice strategies. The Careers team includes sales, editorial, ad production and sales support roles.

The NPD team was set up in 2005 to identify new ideas and opportunities for products and services. The core team is small with doctors, product development and business development specialists. It expands when it’s in product development mode and once launched, the new product moves to one of the publishing divisions.

BMJ has evolved from being a print based publisher to become a true multi channel healthcare knowledge provider. We will develop and deliver to our customers in a more integrated way, leading edge digital versions of our products e.g. to support integration into clinical systems; multi media online learning; best of breed websites. To achieve this, the Technology team is developing new technologies and implementing 3rd party technologies. As a team of just over 40 people, we have a whole range of stimulating positions developing and maintaining websites and web services, systems maintenance and security, supporting internal publishing systems, e-commerce, managing external suppliers and working with existing and emerging technologies in support of BMJ strategic objectives.

Bringing in some £7 million each year, Advertising and Sponsorship is a crucial area of Sales as we continue to grow. The vast majority of this comes from the pharmaceutical industry, which uses our services to advertise theirs and also to educate doctors in areas relating to their work.

Our Institutional Sales team consists of sales managers in the UK, US, Austria, Italy, Dubai, China, Singapore, Japan, Australia and India, with plans for further worldwide growth. The team generate approximately £7 million through sales of our products into libraries, hospitals, medical schools and pharmaceutical companies worldwide – often involving lengthy negotiations and complex pricing discussions.

Rights and Licensing also forms part of Sales, responsible for translating (or reprinting with local advertising) content for international territories. The team generates around £1m a year for the Group.

The Marketing team works closely with all our publishing divisions, providing business and strategic planning input, market intelligence, and traditional marketing via conferences, exhibitions, advertising, direct mail and online. We also maintain a marketing database of more than 1.5 million users and capitalise on this and our wide range of products to cross sell and up sell wherever possible. With our new Market Development Division, it’s an exciting time to join us as we work on maximising cost effectiveness and ensuring the highest standard of communications – including capitalising on web 2.0 capabilities such as viral and guerrilla marketing tactics.

A vital link between BMJ and our customers, Customer Services is responsible for processing details and payments for some 80,500 subscriptions each month, as well as providing after sales service and support whether this be by phone or online.

The U.S. Business Office for BMJ is responsible for sales, local customer service, marketing, key account and partner management and business development for all BMJG products that are sold in the North American market. Our team members reside in Denver, Colorado, Boston, Massachusetts and Charleston, South Carolina.

Our sales people work directly with institutions, consortia and subscription agents to sell subscriptions to our products and to provide ongoing account management services. We have a customer service representative to provide real time, local support for customers in North America in coordination with the London customer service and fulfilment offices. The US team manages the business relationship with major strategic customers and partners. Our business development activities involve working with existing customers/ partners to develop new revenue opportunities as well as seeking opportunities with new partners.

The production and distribution team has a record second to none for sourcing, contracting and managing suppliers worldwide. Whether its printers, materials, mailing or distribution we have contractual arrangements, offering the best in price and service. The supplier base is constantly reviewed in order that we can always meet the changing needs of our customers. We provide specialist advice to the group on paper, print production, distribution, advertising production, reprints and translation services amongst other things. We employ a team of production, ad production (both traditional and online) and distribution specialists whose job it is to produce and ship high quality products around the world ensuring the quality of BMJ brand is protected.

Incorporating Finance, HR, Tim Brooks the CEO’s office, Corporate Business and Project Management, the Executive department provides a central support service to BMJ, helping us meet challenging business goals.