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BMJ in the News is a weekly digest of BMJ stories, plus any other news about the company that has appeared in the national and a selection of English-speaking international lay media.

Highlights for this week include...


Drinking in moderation IS bad for your health - Daily Mail 11/7/14

Breakthrough research busts healthy glass of red myth - New Zealand Doctor 14/7/14

‘Asian glow’ gene shows less drinking cuts heart risk - Chicago Tribune 11/7/14  

Continued coverage of moderate drinking story in: The New Age Online (South Africa), The Witness (South Africa), Herald Sun (Australia), Courier Mail (Australia), Bangkok Post, South China Morning Post

Oh how we fret about girls growing up. Perhaps boys should be our real worry - The Guardian 12/7/14

Graft leaves Indian healthcare ailing - The Straits Times, Malaysia & Singapore 11/7/14

Unhealthy Trends (more on The BMJ’s anti-corruption campaign) - Daily News and Analysis (DNA), India 15/7/14


A minimally invasive approach to health-care reform - The Wall Street Journal 11/7/14

The surprising thing doctors learned by tasting patients’ urine - Washington Post 11/7/14

No link between pertussis vaccine and stillbirth, say researchers - Pulse 11/7/14

Why I’ve changed my mind on assisted dying - Daily Mail 12/7/14

Change the law so that the terminally ill die with dignity - The Observer 13/7/14

The BMJ’s assisted dying stance also mentioned on ITV News, BBC News, Newmarket Journal


Harvard, Oxford Face-Off Over Benefits of Cholesterol Drugs – Bloomberg Businessweek 14/7/14

Tanni-Grey Thompson on assisted dying    New Statesman 15/07/14

Open letter to The BMJ - more than 500 physicians and scientists from around the world have signed a letter urging The BMJ to resist calls for retracting the Abramson paper

Widespread statin use is 'foolhardy', says expert - Daily Mail + Scottish Daily Mail 16/7/14

Should Research Fraud be a Crime? A Reader Poll - The Wall Street Journal 16/7/14

Research fraud story also covered by Vancouver Desi, Genetic Engineering News, Hamilton Spectator, Medical Daily, Science 2.0,, Sun News Network, Science Codex

No benefit to pre-diabeted label - BBC Radio 4 Today Programme (02:05:15) 16/7/14

Also broadcast on Vanessa Feltz (BBC Radio 2), Chris Evans (BBC Radio 2), 5 Live Breakfast (BBC Radio 5 Live)


Millions unnecessarily labelled pre-diabetic, health experts say – The Guardian 16/7/14

Pre-diabetes label 'worthless', researchers claim – BBC News online 16/7/14

Pre-diabetes story also covered by The Free Press Journal (Mumbai), Daily Mirror, Irish Daily Mirror, Yahoo News UK, Science 2.0, Big News,, (blog), TheHealthSite, NHS Choices

Genes may cause cerebral palsy, Norwegian study suggests – South China Morning Post 16/7/14

Family link seen in cerebral palsy - The Malay Mail Online  17/7/14

Cerebral palsy story also covered by ABC News Online, Delhi Daily News, Medical News Today, Yahoo News, 3News (New Zealand),, Science Codex

A profoundly difficult choice for The Lords (comment)  Daily Mail 18/7/14

Also covered by The Guardian (letters)

Prescribing statins more widely ‘could avert tragedy,’ new medical guidelines suggest

The Independent 18/7/14


Emergency Medicine Journal

Surprising health clue  - The Times 15/7/14 (link unavailable)

If you can’t act surprised, it might pay to see a doctor  - Daily Mail 15/7/14

Facial expressions could give doctors life saving clue  - CBS News 15/7/14

This story was also covered by Independent Online (South Africa), Pakistan Today, International Business Times (India), Irish Health, Economic Voice, Philadelphia Magazine, Times Ireland, Times Scotland, Medical News Today, 6minutes, Science Codex, Medscape, Medical Daily, 2 Minute Medicine, Science World Report, eMaxHealth, Counsel & Heal

BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care

The NHS must improve care for patients suffering from multimorbidity, says study - The Independent 15/7/14

Patients find GP access hard in last year of life - OnMedica 15/7/14

Dying patients bewildered by array of services - BBC News Scotland 15/7/14

This story was also covered by Pulse, Medical Xpress, The Times, RedOrbit, Medical Research News & Interviews

BMJ Open

Millions unnecessarily labelled pre-diabetic, health experts say - The Guardian 16/7/14

Also covered by Yahoo news

Cutting salt saves lives (Dr Miriam Stoppard)  Daily Mirror + Irish Daily Mirror 18/07/14 (link unavailable)

Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases

Omega 3 diet keeps joints healthy - Times of Oman  15/7/14 (link unavailable)

Over the counter pill key to combating arthritis (front page) - Daily Express 12/7/14 + Scottish Daily Express

Heart Asia

Paradigm shift in use of statins - The Business Times (Singapore) 12/7/14 (link unavailable)


Food capsules that could tackle Britain’s obesity crisis - Daily Telegraph 14/7/14

Journal of Medical Ethics

Failure in patient safety common in US clinical trials   The Hindu  16 /7/14



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