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24 July

Occupational and Environmental Medicine: Shift work linked to heightened risk of type 2 diabetes

Journal of Medical Ethics: Stop free fertility treatment for "lifestyle" babies to curb climate change 

23 July

The BMJ: Investigation raises new concerns over top-selling blood thinning drug 

17 July

The BMJ: Politically driven legislation targeting dangerous dogs has had little impact 

15 July

The BMJ: Underlying cause of cerebral palsy could lie in family links

The BMJ: Is it time to lock up those who committ research fraud?

14 July

Emergency Medicine Journal: Reduced range of facial expressions indicates serious heart/lung disease

BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care: Patients with advanced co-existing illnesse and their carers face uphill struggle 

9 July

Tobacco Control: Smokers with mental health issues cost UK nearly £2.5bn a year 

Medical Humanities: Food imagery ideal for teaching doctors, who must have strong stomachs 

8 July

The BMJ: Study finds wide variation in use of minimally invasive surgery in US hospitals 

7 July

BMJ Open: Premature newborn survival 30% higher in high volume neonatal centres 

3 July

Archives of Disease in Childhood: 'Unhealthy' food / drinks have starring roles in kids' TV programmes

Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery: Burst spinal artery aneurysm linked to Ecstasy use 

2 July

The BMJ: Welfare reforms are increasing GP workload and harming patients, finds BMJ investigation

The BMJ: The BMJ calls for assisted dying bill to become law

The BMJ: Around two thirds of Viagra may be illegal, warn experts 

1 July

The BMJ launches new name and website 


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Highlights for this week include coverage on The BMJ investigation into blood-thinning drug Dabigatran, more on The BMJ’s anti-corruption in medicine campaign and widespread coverage for the OEM study on shift work and type 2 diabetes.


More on The BMJ’s anti-corruption in medicine campaign:

Harsh Vardhan backs calls to end health sector corruption – Reuters 18/7/14

Minister backs calls to end health sector corruption - Gulf Times 18/7/14

Indian Minister Says Health Industry ‘Corrupt’ – Wall Street Journal (blog) – 18/7/14

Indian govt to investigate corruption in healthcare after TV sting - The Financial Express (Indian English-language business newspaper) 22/7/14

Academic fraud casts pall over peer reviews - Financial Times (Europe, Asia & USA editions) – 19/7/14 (link not available)

More on The BMJ’s assisted dying stance:

Euthanasia: High time for last right, top journal says – Times of India 19/7/14

High time for last right: top journal - Times of India 19/7/14

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Statin wars - Daily Mail 22/7/14

Daisy, the dog who’s sniffed out over 500 cases of cancer - Daily Mail 22/7/14

Minister condemns health sector bribes - Gulf News 20/7/14

I was wrong - we should be feasting on FAT - Daily Mail and Irish Daily Mail 24/7/14

Call to jail lab-coat fraudsters - The Australian 23/7/14

India faces growing crisis over dwindling numbers of girls, says UN - The Hindu Business Line 23/7/14  

UN: nation faces crisis over dwindling numbers of girls - Financial Express 23/7/14

Drug tied to serious bleeding - Wall Street Journal 24/7/14 (link not available)

Study pinpoints hepatitis C risk for Vancouver street youth - Globe and Mail 24/7/14

Dabigatran investigation:

Pradaxa Patients Could Benefit From Blood Tests, Researchers Say - Wall Street Journal 23/7/14

Safety profile of blockbuster blood thinner comes under question – LA Times 23/7/14

More Questions Raised About Boehringer Ingelheim's Pradaxa – Forbes 23/7/14

US doctors discuss BMJ investigation findings - Medpage Today video 23/7/14

Dabigatran investigation also covered by Bloomberg, PMLiVE, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Medscape, MedPage Today, Yahoo News, Medical News Today, daily Rx, Irish Examiner, Pharmalot

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Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Shift workers face type 2 diabetes risk - BBC News Online 25/7/14

Shift work linked to increased risk of diabetes - Forbes 25/7/14

Shift workers run higher diabetes risk - ITV News 25/7/14This story was also covered by: R4 Today Programme, BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, The Guardian, The Independent,  Daily Mail,,, Herald Scotland,, South Wales Guardian, WebMD, Doctors Lounge, Science World Report, Guardian Nigeria, US News & World Report, Yahoo News, ExpressandStar, Clinical Endocrinology News Digital Network, HealthDay

Journal of Medical Ethics

BC Ethicist: Don’t cover  infertility treatment for fertile gay or single women - Boston Globe 24/714

Stop free fertility treatment for “lifestyle” babies to curb climate change - The Economic Voice 24/7/14

Single women should not get free IVF say ethics experts - Daily Telegraph 25/7/14

This story was also covered by Arab News Today

BMJ Open

The border kids and the drug war - New York Post 23/7/14

British Journal of Sports Medicine

Activity helps lower heart risk for over 70s women - Daily Mirror and Irish Daily Mirror 24/7/14 (link not available) Thorax

Why summer thunderstorms can trigger asthma attacks - Washington Post 22/7/14 (link not available)

This story was also covered by The Hamilton Spectator



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